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Winter Meltdown Program

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Feelin’ a bit fluffy from all the Holiday activities?

Want to get rid of that extra layer and get in AWESOME shape by spring?!

The Arctic winder wonderland is in full effect out there!!

Recovery from all the reckless behavior and choices in November and December is well underway for many of us!

It’s time NOW to get ready for Spring and Summer…

Not in April after a long 4 month hibernation!

Do you want to finally want to achieve ALL of your goals, get ‘beach body’ ready or just feel better, have more energy and have more confidence?

We’ve got the program for you!

Our Winter Meltdown one-on-one Transformation Program mixes high repetition training with cardiovascular conditioning circuits and customized nutrition to target those stubborn areas of fat on the body.

Our end goal is for you to feel that you have achieved a more aesthetically pleasing physique through weight loss, leaning out and/or toning.

By participating in this program and working with your Personal Coach for 6 – 12 weeks, we 100% guarantee you RESULTS!

We will also give you a nutrition guide to keep you on track with your fat loss goals.

You will meet with your coach for 3 sessions per week.

Our Winter Meltdown Program is for guys and ladies so grab a friend or spouse and sign up TODAY!

We’re opening up 3 spots for NEW clients – so…what are you waiting for??

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Nutrition Program
  • 3 Training Sessions/week
  • Accountability
  • FUN
  • Expert coaching from CrossFit Peabody coaches
  • 18 – 36 NEW Fat Burning workouts you’ve never done before
  • Daily Access to your personal coach
  • Workout and Nutrition Tracking
  • 3 Training Sessions per week based on your individual availability

Our 6 Week Transformation Program is designed for those ready to take their fitness to the next level .  $649 for 6 weeks of coaching and GUARANTEED results!

If you’re READY TO CRUSH IT, WANT TO GO ALL IN and READY TO GIVE UP THE EXCUSES, our 12 week Winter Meltdown program is the way to go!! $1198 (save $100!!)


To request entry into the program email Coach Holly —> 


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