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CrossFit Peabody: Your guide to picking the right supplements

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CFP is all stocked up on protein and workout supplements.

With so many options how the heck do you know what’s right for you?

Here’s a quick little guide on what the benefits are and why you might consider adding supplements to your overall health plan.

Post Workout Nutrition 

When you workout your body is literally screaming to recover! The best and only way to properly recover from a workout is to consume protein (possibly protein + carbs) IMMEDIATELY.

Your goal should be to consume something within 15 minutes – the sooner the better.

Because you’ve caused so much metabolic distress during your workout, opting for a liquid meal (Recovery shake) should be your first choice.

A shake gets into your system quickly and starts the recovery process much faster than a whole food based meal.

If you are not having a liquid meal within 15 minutes of your workout (before you even leave the gym) you are missing out on results.
Working out hard actually breaks down muscle tissue. 
That’s why you’re sore…you’ve caused muscle damage (not long term of course!) 
This is a really good thing because that’s how muscles eventually get bigger or you get stronger. 
Benefits of consuming a shake post workout:
  • You’ll start the repair process to your muscles quickly.
  •  You’ll be less sore
  •  You’ll come back stronger and more energized
  •  You’ll develop lean muscle tissue. The more lean muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the leaner you are and better you look.
  •  You’ll lose fat and lean out
  •  And you won’t be so debilitated you can’t come back and train the next day.
At CFP we carry Stronger Faster Healthier supplements.
We love SFH because it’s clean, does not contain unknown ingredients and is 100% high quality and healthy…meaning you actually use all of the protein (unlike some other brands).
SFH Recovery mixed in a shaker bottle immediately after a workout will get you on the best path to recovery, results and feeling AMAZING!
Bottom line: stop putting in all the hard work during class only to get 1/2 the results.
A post workout shake is at EVERY SINGLE time you workout!!
Pre-workout Nutrition
Pre-workout comes after post-workout in my book. If you’re debating on doing one of the other, always do the post workout.
High quality pre-workout supplements are great to help boost performance, enhance mental alertness and get you ready for a tough day of training.
For the past 10 years, I’ve always steered clear of any type of pre-workout (other than coffee of course!) because they are loaded with just tons of caffeine, dyes and useless crap.
And then my world changed.
SFH came out about 6 months ago to demo some of its newer products and I was introduced to PUSH.
At first I was skeptical, but I can tell you with 100% certainty PUSH is incredible. We have a ton of members taking PUSH before their workouts and they love it too.
I love that there are no dyes or crappy ingredients. 
So if you’re looking for an energy boost to set some new PRs this stuff works great.
My recommendation is taking it just a few times per week and NOT every single workout 5-6 days per week. 
Choose your hardest workouts and consume 10 minutes before your class.
Anytime Protein
Getting in enough protein throughout the door whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, get stronger or just to be healthier.
So what options are there during the day?
SFH Pure is a really great, high quality budget friendly option. It is whey protein (quick digesting) so it can be used post workout as well. 
If you’re using SFH PURE as a meal replacement I would highly suggest mixing it with some fruit and healthy fat for a rounded well-balanced meal.
Comes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
Beverly International UMP
This is hands down the best protein on the planet. Yep, pretty bold statement but when you’ve tried just about everything you’ve had the good, the bad and the AWESOME! 
UMP is a protein blend so it makes the perfect protein source for a quick and easy meal or snack throughout the day.
Because it’s slow digesting you do not want to consume after a workout!
UMP comes in cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, rocky road and graham cracker flavors. Honestly they are all delicious. 
The unique thing about this protein is the consistency – it thickens up.
So you can mix it with just a little bit of water to make a pudding, you can add some egg whites and make a protein crepe and lots of other recipes that you just can’t with whey protein. 
I love my pre-bed snack of protein pudding or a protein crepe with all natural peanut butter – UNBELIEVABLE.
Let’s face it…consuming chicken, steak, lean ground turkey 5 times a day is awesome, but it gets OLD and old FAST!
UMP is a great way to supplement so you don’t get burnt out on healthy eating.
And it’s a great way to ward off those night time cravings…give it, but make it a protein snack.
UMP and Recovery are the most in demand supplements we carry. So if you’re in the gym and you want something, but it’s not on the shelf you can always put in a pre-order and we’ll put you on the list.
Monthly pre-orders happen the first week of every month!
Post questions about pre-workout, post-workout and protein to the blog, ask us in our members only coaching group, or ask a coach next time you are in class!

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