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CrossFit Peabody: What’s happening at the box this week (January 29th – February 3rd)

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What’s happening this week at the box?

Grab your coffee, pull up a seat and check out the awesome stuff we’ve got on tap for this week at CrossFit Peabody.

Check it out…

New Training Program Begins








We are super excited to announce the beginning of a new format of programming at CrossFit Peabody.

As your coaches we are always testing, tweaking and re-vamping any aspect of our program to help you get BETTER results!

We are kicking off our new programming with Test Week.

So Monday – Saturday, you’ll perform a variety of tests including max effort barbell lifts, conditioning tests and a mix of upper and lower body tests.

The goal of TEST WEEK is to give you a clear picture of both your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll repeat TEST WEEK every 12 weeks.

How we encourage you to use TEST WEEK —>

Once you’ve completed testing, you’ll know where you stand. Do you need to improve conditioning? Do you need to get stronger? Does your upper body outperform your lower body?

Once you know, we highly recommend you set some concrete goals for the next 12 weeks. If conditioning is what you need to improve upon, perhaps you lighten the loads in your workouts and focus on getting more work done – i.e. SPEED.

If it’s strength that you’re lacking, it might just be time to book a skill session with a coach to fine-tune your technique. Or focus on a constant progression with ALL of your movements in your workouts. Use SugarWOD and track every single workout.

Within each class moving forward, you’ll see 3 tracks – Fitness, Performance and Sport.

Fitness is designed for our athletes that want to look better naked, that want to focus on building muscle and making a return after/during an injury.

Performance is designed for our athletes that LOVE the Sport of Fitness – aka CrossFit. You’ll hit MetCons hard, have plenty of high-skill olympic lifting and all the benchmarks to satisfy your love for CrossFit.

Sport is designed for our higher level athletes. You’ll see more advanced progressions and movements programmed. Think Rx+.

The goal with the 3 tracks is that they are fluid. You are NOT stuck in any one track and you can pick and choose on any given day of the week what you’re looking for.

We are super excited to bring you Fitness 2.0 at CFP.

Enjoy Test Week!!

The Granite Games Throwdown






We are super excited for our Throwdown on February 17th! As of today we’ve got 84 athletes participating in the competition.

Along with that we’ve got some of the most AMAZING volunteers from our community helping us run a light’s out event!

It’s going to be a freakin’ awesome day!

We’d LOVE to have a HUGE showing of support for our CFP Badasses, so even if you’re not planning on competing, come out cheer on your peeps and enjoy one hell of a day!

Follow all the Event happenings here —>

P.S. If you still have NOT signed up to compete, there is plenty of time. Registration closes on February 10th.

NEW Product Feature – Ascent Protein

Many of our members are already enjoying the deliciousness that is Ascent Whey Protein after their workouts.

We’ve decided to move away from SFH Recovery after the recent updates to the formula and price increase.

Ascent Protein the DA BOMB!!

The Vanilla Bean mixed with 8 ounces of Pineapple juice post workout literally transported me to the beach.

As I was drinking 1/2 of my shake during my squat session the other day, I thought for a brief moment in time I was drinking a rum drink in the sunshine on the beach….and then I snapped back to reality and realized I still needed to get under that heavy bar.

It was so good I stopped my workout and gave a taste test in the lobby.


Oh and forget about the chocolate flavor….it takes like the chocolate milk left in the bowl after you’ve devoured a bowl of coco-crispies.

The best part of Ascent Protein is that it’s WAY MORE AFFORDABLE FOR YOU!

1 BAG = $43.99 vs. SFH $64.99

We’ve got some left on the shelves….do NOT miss out!

CrossFit Peabody: Referral Program








Got a friend who wants to transform their body and have a blast while doing it?

 Introduce them to our CrossFit family!
Our focus for 2018 is to get as many people in kick ass shape and get YOU better results than you’ve ever had.
AND I want to reward you for helping us reach even more AWESOME people.
So we’re putting a pretty sweet referral program in place so there’s no excuse not to try us out.
Your friend will get $50 towards their first month of training AND when they become a member you’ll get $50 toward YOUR next month too!

Check out ALL the details for our AWESOME Referral Program —>

Keep up with all the AWESOMENESS happening at CrossFit Peabody

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