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CrossFit Peabody: Swole Club

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adjective –

Extremely muscular. ‘If you’re swole, you’ll look good in anything’

CrossFit Peabody’s is proud to introduce it’s newest specialty class – SWOLE Club.

SWOLE Club is a 6 week Barbell Class designed to help you improve your strength and your Olympic lifting technique. SWOLE is meant to serve as a supplement to our normal CrossFit classes.

SWOLE Club is for YOU if…

You want to channel your inner beast and LOVE lifting,

You want to become stronger, more confident and comfortable with the barbell movements.

You want to take your olympic lifts to the next level!

You want to  just lift without getting your heart rate up?? 🙂

SWOLE Club places a heavy premium on being legitimately strong, and ultimately, kind of BADASS!!

SWOLE Club Details:

  • Class is offered Sunday’s at 11am for 6 Week
  • 6 Week session runs Sunday September 10th – October 15th
  • Cost – $60
  • Additional programming to help you improve weak areas

If you’re ready to experience some serious GAINZ check out all the details here ——> Make me a Bad Ass


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