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CrossFit Peabody: Nutrition – What to eat pre workout and post workout

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Hey, Bad Asses!

One of the most common questions I get as a coach is about nutrition. Even more common, is what to eat pre and post workout.

I’ve heard a lot of people comment that they can’t eat before they workout.

I’m not expecting you to eat a full meal before your WOD, but you can’t expect to be hitting PR’s and operating at your full potential if you haven’t fueled up properly.

I’m here to tell you the best way to maximize your workout and enhance your recovery.

When should I eat?

Like gasoline helps your car run, food helps your body run. It is essentially fuel for your body to perform well.

Ideally, you should be eating between 1-3 hours before your workout.  But it’s all going to depend on how your body digests and uses what you put in.

Eating too close to your workout can throw you off because your stomach is trying to digest while your muscles are also trying to fire.

There can also be some ::ahem:: gastro-intestinal side effects. (And we know nobody wants to be squatting with a sour stomach.) Play around with some different timing and see what works best for you.

Nutrition after your WOD is just as important (if not MORE) as pre-WOD.

Your muscles have stores of glycogen that your body uses to get you through a workout.

As soon as you finish your workout, your body quickly tries to replenish those stores. If your body doesn’t have the proper nutrients to replace that glycogen, your muscles can’t properly recover and build up lactic acid. (When you can’t walk down the stairs after squats, lactic acid is to blame).

In a perfect world, you’ll get nutrients into your body within 15 minutes of finishing your WOD.

What should I eat?

Food is comprised of different types of nutrients. There are macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients.

Micro-nutrients are your vitamins & minerals, while your macro nutrients are the big ones. These are your carbs, fats and proteins.

When you’re eating prior to your workout, you want to get a snack that is going to hit all three macro-nutrients. Fats and protein are slow digesting and will help keep you satiated, and carbs are going to give you energy. Some great, easy snacks are…

  •     Apple with peanut butter
  •     Best Bar Ever
  •     Perfect Bar
  •     Banana with a handful of raw almonds

Since your body needs different nutrients post workout, your snacks should vary as well. Some great post workout options are…

  •       SFH Recovery Protein
  •       Fuel for Fire pouch
  •      Protein shake with banana
  •      Oikos Triple Zero protein yogurt

Play around with different foods at different times and find something that works.

In the end, you need to do what works for you and find something you can stick with.

Happy training, folks!

Stay tuned for part 2, where I take you through a typical day of eating!

Coach Jenn

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