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CrossFit Peabody Member of the Month: Debbie Simpson

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Congratulations to Debbie Simpson for earning Bad Ass of The Month for July!

Debbie has been a member of our community for the past 3 years.

I can’t imagine our gym without Debbie…it’s crazy how fast time flies!

You will find Debbie at just about EVERY single community event, having fun, encouraging other members to get involved and supporting others and cheering members on.

You may also find her rockin’ out a 7+ minute plank…haha!

So without further ado, lets get to know Debbie!

When did you start CrossFit and why?

I’m not sure of the exact date that I started with CFP I think it was in 2016.  (Coaches Note – It was July 2015…time flies when you’re having fun!!) I’ve always wanted to try CrossFit but felt I was to old to lift weights like that.
Then I came across a Groupon that you could buy one month or the other option was for two months.   So I went to seek this gym out to see where it was located and what it was all about before I purchased the Groupon.
When I stopped by they were just starting up a bootcamp so I talked to two of the ladies that were checking the bootcampers in.  They convinced me to invest in the two month groupon and I have been hooked ever since.  As they say I drank the cool-aid.

Do you remember your first WOD?

I couldn’t tell you what my first WOD was I was very nervous thinking who do you think you are trying to do CrossFit at your age.  I do remember the added dreaded stairs that we had to go up and down to make the workout even more challenging.

What class do you typically train at?

I usually train at the 4:30 and 5:30 class unlike those 5 a.m. badasses that can kick ass so early in the morning.

What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workouts are Saturday and Sunday sweat classes.  I’m loving the Swole class too.  As Kendra says (were going to have so much fun)  It’s so true!

The best thing about CrossFit is you never get bored the workouts are always changing and challenging that’s why I love it so much.

What is one movement you LOVE and one movement you HATE?

The movement that I love for weights are Thruster’s even though I don’t feel that I am strong enough but I have come a long way from when I first started.  I like double under’s too.
Its a huge feeling of accomplishment when you finally get your first double under after whipping yourself to death.
Wall balls are my enemy they are so hard for me. I wish I was a little taller when we have to do wall balls.

Any BIG goals set for the next year?

My big goal in the gym is I would love to get kipping pullups.  Hoping all those ring rows and swole classes will help me get there.

How has CrossFit helped you?

How CrossFit has helped me I would say that it has strengthened my back.  I use to have to go right on the floor every morning when I got up to do back stretches just so my back wouldn’t feel so tight.
I don’t have to do that anymore I feel CrossFit has helped me achieve that.  I am still very careful when it comes to my back.

You were left on a deserted island.  What one food and thing (i.e. book, music player, etc…) would you want to be left with you? 

If I was on a deserted Island the food I would pick would of course would be shrimp scampi pizza my favorite!
Music who could live without music.  I can’t imagine life without music and, pizza of course, just wish it was “calorie free” the struggle is real.

Who is your superhero?

I know a few Superhero’s but won’t mention them by name. They are cancer survivors that I have watched box, bike, run 5k’s when they couldn’t do that they would go for a walk and never complain about the treatment or pain they are going through.
A positive attitude goes along way.   I admire that so much!

What is your greatest achievement in the gym so far?

My greatest achievement would be getting my toes to bar, not that I can do many in a row but I pretty happy that I am able to do some a work in progress.

What’s your best tip for new members?

The best tip I would give a new member is don’t give up keep coming to class every workout can be modified.
Whether your young, old, out of shape if you put the work in you will see results in your body and attitude.
You’ll be amazed how your body and stamina changes things you never thought you would be able to accomplish keep coming back you won’t regret it. Heck you’ll even get double unders.
What motivates and inspires you?
What motivates me is the fact that as I am getting older I know how important it is to take care of my body and stay healthy.
I love exercising and I love the muscles I have from CrossFit.  I want to be one of those little old ladies you see on Facebook still working out in their 70’s.

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