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CrossFit Peabody: Coach Jenn’s Daily Nutrition

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“I don’t have time to meal prep”

“I’m not a good cook”

“I don’t know what to eat”

“Healthy food is expensive”

“Healthy food is yucky”

I’ve heard all the excuses.

Yes, we all have busy days, but making dinner doesn’t have to be a 3 hour long process.

As a single mom with a full time job, I know that time is precious.

My daughter and I eat (mostly) very healthy and balanced each day.

I take an extra minute to weigh and measure all of my food so I know how much I’m taking in. (Though it’s really sad to see how much a “real” serving of peanut butter is.)

Below is a day in my life through my meals and how long it took me to prepare each one.







140 grams of frozen tropical fruit

33g of Strawberry UMP (Protein we carry at CrossFit Peabody)

32g of 365 Creamy All Natural Peanut Butter

Prep time-Less than 5 minute

Morning Snack & pre-workout








154g Granny Smith Apple

Perfect Bar (Literally the best protein bar ever – we carry at CrossFit Peabody)

Post-workout Snack








50g Warrior Blend chocolate protein

12g powdered peanut butter

56g powdered carbohydrates

Shaken together in a Blender Bottle

2 Turmeric capsules-aids in inflammation

Prep Time-2 minutes







Dr. Praeger’s Quinoa & Veggie Burger

22g Finlandia Muenster cheese

100g cucumbers

133g Sweet Potato Salad

Prep Time-10 minutes







4oz baked pork chop

⅛ cup panko breading

144g Birdseye Steamfresh Wild Rice and veggies (This is literally $1 a bag and goes in the microwave for 4:00)

Prep Time-35 minutes (But now I have leftovers for a few days!)

This is just one example of a very typical day. Quick, easy and effective.

Stay tuned this week for a Day in the life of each of our coaches!

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